Countdown für NovaMind 5 für Mac ?

Auf eine technische Anfrage bei NovaMind in Brisbane erhielt ich folgende Antwort von Gideon King:

Due to the massive amount of work required to get NovaMind 5 for Mac ready for release, I will not be responding to any email until after its release. I will be updating the forum with the latest status frequently at,578.0.html

If you need to get hold of me ultra urgently, and you absolutely must get hold of me, and it just can’t wait, please contact, and if it really does look to be that urgent, they will pass it on to me.

Please do *not* send any requests that are really not of the utmos urgency there. I must focus on NovaMind 5 for Mac, and will not be distracted by anything but emergencies.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Jetzt wird es wohl „echt“ ernst mit dieser so lang erwarteten Version 5 für Mac. Dieser Blog meldet das Erscheinen sofort. Bleiben Sie bitte dran.